Month: June 2014

Asian Billiards Won By Sourav Kothari

Sourav Kothari, the National Champion of Billiards in the United States of America just won his first “Asian Billiards Championship”. This marks the first time that Sourav Kothari has entered an Asian Billiard Championship, you are playing against an entire new group of people that he has never gone up against. This means that our [Continue]

Rockaway Billiards Undefeated Champion

Rockaway Billiards is a Tri-State Tournament held by New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These three states will bring the best billiards players from each state in order to compete in this tournament. The winner gains a small cash prize, bragging rights and a plaque that shows them to be the champion. This year Eddie [Continue]

BioShock Series Terminated

BioShock, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last generation, has been terminated for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Irrational Games, those behind the BioShock franchise noted that 2K Games felt that the series had made its run and that three installments in the franchise is more than enough. Within one [Continue]