BioShock Series Terminated

BioShock, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last generation, has been terminated for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Irrational Games, those behind the BioShock franchise noted that 2K Games felt that the series had made its run and that three installments in the franchise is more than enough. Within one day of this information being released fans of the BioShock series have revolted against 2K Games and Irrational Games, the reason for this is because BioShock fans are diehard fans that replay every entry in the series on a regular basis.


Kevin Levin, the CEO behind Irrational Games said the following: “We don’t want to stop working on the BioShock series but the fact of the matter is that our ideas are outdated and that we’d destroy the good name that is BioShock. We alongside 2K Games worried that this would be the case with BioShock Infinite but we were pleased to find out that fans of the series stayed with us for the ride. We don’t want to keep on trying something new in the franchise as it could destroy it which we don’t want to do. That isn’t to say that a new developer can’t be brought in and create a new entry into the series.”

2K Games hasn’t announced if they will take on any new developers to create a new entry into the BioShock Franchise. We suspect that they will as BioShock generates a substantial amount of revenue for Irrational and not creating another installment would be financially irresponsible.