Asian Billiards Won By Sourav Kothari

Sourav Kothari, the National Champion of Billiards in the United States of America just won his first “Asian Billiards Championship”. This marks the first time that Sourav Kothari has entered an Asian Billiard Championship, you are playing against an entire new group of people that he has never gone up against. This means that our national champion could have very well lost and looked like a poor Billiards player.

Sourav Kothari

Sourav Kothari was pleased when he took the championship, starting off with a three point win. 29 year old Mr. Kothari took it upon himself to player this championship with his upmost skill, finishing the championship with a ninety nine point break shot. Alok, the previous champion of the Asian Billiards Championship lost to Sourav and threw a major fit while leaving the building. Mr. Alok hasn’t been able to be reached for comment by any news source.

Sourav Kothari on the other hand said the following, “Yeah know I am the national champion in the United States of America but that doesn’t mean that I could compete with these Billiards players. I was honestly nervous entering this tournament but as I got a feeling for my opponents I was able to swiftly win this championship. There is no hard feeling towards Mr. Alok, I’m looking to be the World Champion of Billiards and if I win all the national championships I will be able to claim that title. Though it’ll be a long time before I ever gain the title of World Champion.”