Rockaway Billiards Undefeated Champion

Rockaway Billiards is a Tri-State Tournament held by New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These three states will bring the best billiards players from each state in order to compete in this tournament. The winner gains a small cash prize, bragging rights and a plaque that shows them to be the champion. This year Eddie Medina, a citizen from New Jersey who had never been a part of the circuit took it upon himself to enter the Rockaway, NJ Billiards Tournament and then surprised everyone as he became undefeated. Anyone who went up against this impressive player was taken down in a matter of five to eight moves.


The final round of this tournament was played against Eddie Medina and Steve Strassberg. Mr. Strassberg was able to put up a hell of a fight as he made the final round last more than two hours. The first two matches were tied meaning that they had to play one final match in order to see who would win, if they tied once again there would be no one champion. Eddie Medina then took it upon himself to bring out his A Game which allowed for him to defeat Strasberg by one single point. Mr. Medina has openly said that this was the hardest billiards game he has ever played in his life.

Congratulations to Eddie Medina for winning the Rockaway Billiards Tournament. Rockaway has never seen an unknown billiards player go undefeated, this is why this win came as a shock to so many fans of Billiards.