Billiards Mumbai Premier League Debuting

Billiards is one of the more neglected sports in the world. Even though everyone knows what “Pool” is there are very few who have truly experienced what pool has to offer. The majority of people haven’t even bothered to play the game which has resulted in Pool being neglected by nearly every country in the world. A couple of years ago the USA started their own league for professional billiards players and soon after various other countries began to follow by their example. Mumbai, India is the latest location in the world that is beginning a new billiards league. This billiards league being called “Billiards Mumbai Premier League“.


Instead of players facing off against one another these players will have to create a team. Each team will face off against each other in a nine day event that will take place on a yearly basis. Those who are a part of the team don’t have to reside in India. They can be from all around the world which means that this could end up being the most exciting Premier League for Billiards that has ever been seen.

It is unknown as to when this Premier League will Debut in Mumbai. As of right now they are having a conference on Monday which will reveal who the future team owners are, who will be the star players, what the teams colors will be, what other attractions will be available at the nine day event and where the premier league will be held. We will update you on all information released regarding the Mumbai Billiards Premier League debut day.