Man Almost Kills Cop With Pool Stick

A twenty five year old male from Cape Coral, Florida has been arrested for attempted murder after he killed a police officer with a Pool Stick last weekend. Police Officers were called to 1242 SW Pine Island Road in Cape Coral after a concerned citizen found an injured cop on the ground near his apartment. The cop had a pool stick lodged right above his ribs when he was found, at that point in time this officer was still alive. Medical Paramedics were sent to the scene immediately where they quickly removed the pool stick from the fallen officer, got him hooked up onto a blood transfusion system and sent him to the local hospital by helicopter to receive surgery.

Capre Coral

The man who has been arrested is Gregory Page, he will now spend the next twenty years in prison for his actions. When officers went to Mr. Page’s home to arrest him the criminal quickly walked out of the house with two pistols screaming that he would kill any cop who came in his way. Mr. Page lives in an apartment building, one of his fellow neighbors came from behind him and hit him with a baseball bat on his head. Mr. Page was knocked out which allowed for the officers to detain him and place him in jail. This all happened late into the night, Mr. Page attacked the first officer at 9:21 P.M and he was arrested later on that night at 11:30 Pm.

We hope that this man spends his next twenty years miserable for the actions he took towards the Cape Coral Police Force