Bayshore Billiards

The owner and also a number of her employees employee for the Bayshore Billiards in North Fort Myers, Florida has been arrested for a series of gambling related crimes. Miss. Weyrauch, 52, the owner of the Bay shore Billiards Hall has been arrested due to performing illegal crimes through her legitimate business. Bayshore Billiards is located on 5660 Bay shore Road, Units 3 to 8. The Florida Division of Alcoholic Tobacco and Beverages were the ones who reported that Bayshore Billiards was potentially running an illegal casino.


Being accused of running an illegal house of gambling is a major felony across the United States of America. Kathy was accused of allowing customers to come into the Billiards Hall, pay for coins at the register with cash and then play casino styled machines. Those customers who won would be paid at the cash register, operating just like any normal business. The casino was located in the back rooms throughout the three units, giving Kathy plenty of space to put various casino machines in the Billiards Hall.
Weyrauch broke the law when she accepted these cash payments and she also broke the law by being in possession of slot machines & gambling machines. An undercover agent was sent to the Billiards Hall before any chargers were made. The agent paid for chips, won money and then was paid the money he won by one of Weyrauch’s Employees. This lead to not only Kathy being arrested but a series of her employee’s as well.

It’s unknown as to how much jail time will be given to Kathy Weyrauch or any of her employee’s.