Graham Baker Wins Bribie Billiards Tournament

The Bribie Island Sports Club, one of the main locations for the Billiards Premiere League held a tournament called “The Bribie Billiards Championship”. Graham Baker, a worldwide famous Billiards player from Narangba retained his championship title for the third year in a row. This is the first time that a Billiards Player has been able to hold the Bribie Billiards Championship title for three years in a row. Mr. Baker defeated his opponent David Kubrycht by 70 Points after a long day of playing.

Bribie Island Sports Club

Each game was timed out with a one hour interval. These intervals continued throughout the entire day, each game refining who was going to win the tournament. Graham Baker held his position strongly for the entire day, showing everyone that in his old age he is still one of the best in the league.

Graham Baker did say that he was disappointed that he could not go to the upcoming state championship due to previous engagements in his personal life but he did say that winning the club championship was good enough for him. “I was able to get my name into Billiards History, that’s incredible in my opinion.”

Aubrey Bannah, the Bribie Club & Snooker Club Treasure/Secretary said the following regarding Graham Baker’s performance during the day. “They had a great competition, despite billiards being in steady decline, in comparison with snooker, since the 1970s. Those who attempt billiards are surprised by the skill involved in the game and that billiards continues to enjoy the support of a small but enthusiastic group.”