Kelly Fisher Nears Three Month Recovery End

Kelly Fisher, a world renowned billiards player recently found out earlier on this year in March that she had an atrial septal defect in her heart. This in more commonly known terms is a “Hole in the heart”. This meant that Miss. Fisher would have to miss the Amway Cup in Taiwan, she was one of the people who were most sought out to be in this competition as last year she placed second against Yu-Chieh Chou. After further evidence it was shown that she had a congenital defect in her hard which showed damage to her valve and a dilation to the right side of her heart. Essentially she could very well die in a matter of days if she didn’t go surgery.

kelly fisher

Luckily Kelly Fisher is well on her wave to recovery as her three month recovery program is coming to an end. There are many in the world f gaming who are wishing Kelly well on that road of recovery such as, who incidentally is a website that focuses on the world of gaming. She will be back to her regular self playing the tables in a matter of weeks. She will be participating in the Women’s World 9 Ball Championship in Guilin, China this October. There are many who believe that she won’t be able to make a ranking score, this has apparently only fueled her into perfecting her skills once again and she has openly said that she hopes to win the championship.

Kelly Fisher is thirty five years olds and is considered to be the second best in the World Pool Billiard Association. Her return will scare the rest of the competition.