Billiards is a game that is meant to be played with wagers, it doesn’t become any fun without your money on the line. Unfortunately the World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association doesn’t allow for their players or anyone watching the match to make any bets on what it going to happen. This unfortunately takes away a lot of the fun that comes with playing Billiards. This organization is now having to investigate a series of different matches as their players and fans watching these matches were all making wagers with one another. This came as a massive shock to the WPBSA as there has been no previous indication that these kinds of actions were being performed under their name.


The first time illegal bets were reported was when Jamie Burnett & John Sutton played one another in 2008. John Sutton is no longer a professional billiards player and he said we more or less considered ourselves to be professional gamblers because at every match wagers were being made. They’d just ensure that officials wouldn’t see or find out about those wagers. Mr. Sutton said that illegal bets are made with every match in the World Professional Billiards League.

It seems highly unlikely that the WPBSA would be able to stop people from making wagers with one another. It wouldn’t be hard to hide something simple as that, the major issue is that their players who are registered as professional billiards players are also doing the same thing. Those players found guilty of illegal betting will be terminated immediately.