Space City Is Open

For the third year in a row Space City Billiards is opening their doors to people who live in Houston and wish to play Billiards. Space City holds a nine ball billiards tournament every year, last year alone it was able to bring in a total of $89,000 in wagers and $40,000 in payouts to people who attended “The Space City Open”.


There is no word who will be at this special billiards event for the year of 2014. Last year we saw big players such as Joe Salazar and Ron Geyer. Unfortunately Space City revealed that they were holding this tournament once again on short notice to all of their regular players. This proved unfortunate for those who regularly attended this event as they were unaware if they will be having to cancel their flight if the tournament is canceled. There we so many issues revolving around the issue that it could result in it being the lowest year yet for the Space City Open.

We shall keep you informed if famous billiard players such as Ron Geyer and Joe Salazar are attending this year. We will also update you on how much revenue and how many people attend this year’s “Space City Open”. They’ve also had a large crowd and even with the pending issues there is still a good chance that a lot of people will show up for this exciting event. There is also poker tables and blackjack available at “The Space City Open” for bystanders to enjoy as well.