International Billiards

Billiards is one of the oldest games that we still play today, it’s popularity is known across the world but unfortunately even though everyone knows of this game it isn’t played by the mass majority like soccer is. Luckily major changes are about to come to the International Billiards League, these changes will allow for the league to once again not only become popular around the world but it’ll once again appeal to the youth instead of middle aged or elderly individuals. This new game will consist of a variety of new aspects that’ll allow for pool to become a game filled with excitement around every socket.


This new game is being taken from the days of old, more than five decades ago a small new variation of billiards came out that didn’t become popular at the time but consisted of new designs that made the game far more exciting. That is why it is being brought back by the International Billiards League. This new consists of ten different spokes across the pool table, these spokes are designed in specific locations in order to make it harder for players to get a ball into a socket. One of the other changes that the IBL is making is that there will be two teams playing against one another and on each team there will be two players, this means that this game will be riveting and exciting at the same time.

Those wishing to engage in this form of billiards or watch it when it is released at the first IBL Match in 2015 will have to wait until the new year to do so.