National Health & Fitness Day to be celebrated

Canada is planning on celebrating the National Health & Fitness Day this year more than they ever have before. Communities all across the country have been making announcements of local free activities such as soccer matches, basketball games, jumping rope, swimming and so much more within those communities.

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One of the largest communities in the country, Southern Ontario is planning on going out with a bang this day. The K/W Area, the GTA, Collingwood, Mississauga and many other cities in the area have contacted local sport centers in order to better their chances of this day becoming known to the mass majority. Collingwood itself is encouraging their locals to come on out to the local conservatory parks in order to enjoy things such as Cross Fit, Tennis, Cycling, Free Swim, Basketball, Soccer and many other sports.

This is the first time that hundreds of municipalities around the country have truly committed to the National Health and Fitness Day. The hope is that the youth and maybe even adults find themselves enjoying these healthy activities, so much so that they wish to play soccer or go bike riding again in the near future.

There is a good chance that those who live in Canada will be able to find some fun local free activities on June 6th, 2015 for National Health & Fitness Day. All free swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields and more will be open in Toronto on this day as well.