Mom Running 52 Marathon’s for Charity

A mother from Woodley, Saskatchewan had already start running fifty two marathons in her fifty two week journey. She is doing this in order to raise money for the Royal Voluntary Service of Canada. Mr. Portwine is forty one years of age and began this challenge back in August, 2014. Right now she is set to finish in October, 2015 at the Blackwater Marathon.

Alex Portwine

This woman has showcased something that very few people in the world or in history have ever been able to do. Each one of her marathons consist of a minimum 26.2 Miles with several of her fifty two marathons being 30 to 50 miles. She has also done a few double marathons in one day & plans on doing a few more. This means that this woman is running the same amount that most people drive in a weeks’ time.

Alex Portwine ran her first marathon back in 2011 and ever since then she has continued to do them, running a total of forty eight races before she started her goal of raising charity. Miss. Portwine wanted to reach her goal of one hundred marathons. She plans on giving each bit of the money that she has earned through charity to the RVS & afterwards will continue to run marathons for charity. She hopes to run at least two hundred marathons before she passes on in the distant future.

Should there be any updates relating to the funds Alex Portwine is able to raise at the end of her journey we shall report it here. Lets hope this campaign is a great success.