Barney’s Billiards Saloon goes up in Flames

Unfortunately one of the most beloved billiard clubs in Houston, Texas has gone up in flames causing for a mass amount of damage to be done to the entire building. When these flames first erupted every firefighter knew that this blaze would take hours to be put out and the end result was five hours throughout the early morning.

Barney’s Billiards Saloon

The twenty five year old billiards club which has had famous billiard players and trained a number of upcoming stars is now gone due to this blaze. The thick black smoke caused from fire tore throughout the complex causing for mass damage to be done to electronic systems, wooding and so much more. Unfortunately the owners of the building had to watch as their business was destroyed with nothing they can do. This isn’t the first time that the area has had a breakout of fires, the area is known to having higher temperatures then most in Texas which results in natural fires breaking out thanks to the mass heat. Unfortunately it looks like in order for Barney’s to return back to their operations they’ll have to rebuild the facility to the fullest of their abilities which will most likely include tearing down the old building.

Fire Chief Inspectors must first determine as to what caused the fire before a claim can be made to insurance companies. If this fire was caused to natural elements Barney’s will be covered and be able to build a new. The hope is that they don’t lose any of their customers in the process.