P.E.I. Getting GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness, one of the largest growing fitness gyms in Canada is now making its way to Prince Edward Island for the first time. This is exciting news for the residents of the island as well as for the company itself. This new fitness club is going to be built in the Mark’s Work Warehouse location that is in Charlottetown. This 24,000 square foot location will be renovated and then be filled with brand new equipment.


GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness coming to the province of Prince Edward Island will bring many benefits alongside it. One of those benefits is that fifty new people will be employed through GoodLife, more locations are slated to be set up throughout the more populated towns in P.E.I. as well which could mean for hundreds of jobs to come to the small province. There’ll also be a number of club amenities, various services and classes that’ll be offered at this location.


Already there are a number of islanders who have begun to express their joy that this gym is coming to their province. GoodLife Fitness is known for being a gym which provides sophisticated gym equipment for a reasonable price, it’s this simple motto that has allowed for this company to become one of the largest chain gym companies in Northern America. Those wishing to sign up with GoodLife Fitness more than likely can do so depending on where it is you live in Canada. Personal trainers, health programs and so much more awaits anyone who does sign up with this gym.