LifeTime Garden City Location Hiring 275 Employees

Life Time Fitness Inc. has revealed that their hiring a total of two hundred and seventy five employee’s for their new Garden City, Long Island, New York location. This is shocking as there are only a few other locations which have hired such a large quantity of employee’s.

Life Time Fitness Inc

This new location is costing the company a total of $44 Million to make, this is the second location of a Life Time Fitness Center on Long Island, the other location being located on the other side of the island. It’s surprising to see that this company has excelled onwards at such an incredible rate. This Minnesota based company opened its first location back in 2011, since then they’ve spread throughout all corners of Northern America & have become one of the largest fitness companies to date.

This is thanks to their modern day designs, aspects and programs. It’s fueled them into a market that four years ago the owners could never have imagined possible. This new location will consist of a number of indoor and outdoor pools, it will have a children’s play room, there’ll be health club programs, a restaurant, a café, a spa, a salon and of course the work out area.

A total of seventy percent of these 275 employee’s will be working full time hours. This’ll spread life into Long Island not just in terms of how active its citizens are but in terms of employment percentage. Thursday, October 1st 2015 will be the day to apply for this job at their hiring fair.