Fitness Coming via the Apple Watch

Fitness is something that strikes all of us as something that is urgent, often though the mass population is starting to find themselves plagued by the thought of exercise. Apple, one of the largest and leading electronic conglomerates in the world is planning to change on that with their Apple Watch. This watch, which has been available on the market for nearly a year now is starting to receive more support from developers. Various companies such as Ping or Nike are creating apps which monitor vitals, showcase weight loss, exercise movements and more.


Apple Watch

It seems that this form of application is only moving onwards with PING’s new application. iPing, now available on the Apple Watch Store allows for golfers to monitor their vitals and track their fitness data. On top of that is also tracks your swing tempo, providing you with tips from PGA Golfers on how to better your swing and also providers on-course statistics. This’ll not only allow for new people to get into golf but it’ll also allow for regular golfers to become more in tune with their swing as well as the course.


Applications such as iPing could be used for multiple sports and fitness companies. The NBA, MLS, NFL and all other professional sports could create applications with their athlete’s & various development companies so that users could perfect the sport. This could also generate revenue via micro-transactions which’ll surely become a reality as iPing already offers a $5 in-app purchase to all of their users.

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