$51 Billion Spent on Mental Health Yearly in Canada

It was announced today by the British Columbia Government that Canada spends an annual $51 Billion every year on Mental Health. This is an astonishing number to say the least as this is just one portion of a much larger medical system run in Canada.


There are many whom believe this to be a growing problem, which in reality it is just that. Even the Chief of the Vancouver Police Department, whom has to interact with the health care industry on a daily basis. Specifically, the mental health aspect of the industry due to criminal offences made by those with mental health deficiencies has gone on the even state that this is becoming a growing issue. 25% of calls that are made to the police hotline network of Canada are related to mental health problems.

This growing number is an increasing problem, one that alongside all the other aspects in the health care industry could bankrupt all provinces in Canada by 2030. None the less the amount of money being spent towards those with mental health has shown signs of working, there is a slow decrease in mental health across Canada & less police related incidents being reported.

Hopefully the issue can be resolved in the upcoming years for if it doesn’t Canada shall see an issue like it never has before, spending this increasingly larger budget every year is only going to destroy the economy & put Canada into a new great depression. A two-tier system needs to be put in place in order to help those with mental health, heart failure, lung cancer, pancreas cancer & so much more.

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