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McDonalds Healthy Food is Bad?

McDonalds is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, some could argue that they still stand as the largest of them all. Their famous for the McNuggets, Big Macs and Happy Meals but over the course of the last few years their profit margins have dropped by a drastic amount. This is [Continue]

Fitness Coming via the Apple Watch

Fitness is something that strikes all of us as something that is urgent, often though the mass population is starting to find themselves plagued by the thought of exercise. Apple, one of the largest and leading electronic conglomerates in the world is planning to change on that with their Apple Watch. This watch, which has [Continue]

Fitness Becoming a Family Affair

It seems that fitness is becoming a family affair around Northern America. This isn’t surprising considering that obesity as at an all-time high within the continent. Those whom work out and see improvements are effecting for families as a whole to do the same thing. One of the more notable places which this is becoming [Continue]

P.E.I. Getting GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness, one of the largest growing fitness gyms in Canada is now making its way to Prince Edward Island for the first time. This is exciting news for the residents of the island as well as for the company itself. This new fitness club is going to be built in the Mark’s Work Warehouse [Continue]

Mom Running 52 Marathon’s for Charity

A mother from Woodley, Saskatchewan had already start running fifty two marathons in her fifty two week journey. She is doing this in order to raise money for the Royal Voluntary Service of Canada. Mr. Portwine is forty one years of age and began this challenge back in August, 2014. Right now she is set [Continue]

National Health & Fitness Day to be celebrated

Canada is planning on celebrating the National Health & Fitness Day this year more than they ever have before. Communities all across the country have been making announcements of local free activities such as soccer matches, basketball games, jumping rope, swimming and so much more within those communities. One of the largest communities in the [Continue]

WBA Proposes To Olympic Committee

The World Billiards Association has slowly been rising in popular with each passing year. They are still no where considered to be a respected sport on a mass level such as soccer, basketball or baseball. Though it is players by hundreds and thousands of people every week it isn’t a sport that is played on [Continue]