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International Billiards

Billiards is one of the oldest games that we still play today, it’s popularity is known across the world but unfortunately even though everyone knows of this game it isn’t played by the mass majority like soccer is. Luckily major changes are about to come to the International Billiards League, these changes will allow for [Continue]

Space City Is Open

For the third year in a row Space City Billiards is opening their doors to people who live in Houston and wish to play Billiards. Space City holds a nine ball billiards tournament every year, last year alone it was able to bring in a total of $89,000 in wagers and $40,000 in payouts to [Continue]


Billiards is a game that is meant to be played with wagers, it doesn’t become any fun without your money on the line. Unfortunately the World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association doesn’t allow for their players or anyone watching the match to make any bets on what it going to happen. This unfortunately takes away [Continue]

Graham Baker Wins Bribie Billiards Tournament

The Bribie Island Sports Club, one of the main locations for the Billiards Premiere League held a tournament called “The Bribie Billiards Championship”. Graham Baker, a worldwide famous Billiards player from Narangba retained his championship title for the third year in a row. This is the first time that a Billiards Player has been able [Continue]

Bayshore Billiards

The owner and also a number of her employees employee for the Bayshore Billiards in North Fort Myers, Florida has been arrested for a series of gambling related crimes. Miss. Weyrauch, 52, the owner of the Bay shore Billiards Hall has been arrested due to performing illegal crimes through her legitimate business. Bayshore Billiards is [Continue]

Man Almost Kills Cop With Pool Stick

A twenty five year old male from Cape Coral, Florida has been arrested for attempted murder after he killed a police officer with a Pool Stick last weekend. Police Officers were called to 1242 SW Pine Island Road in Cape Coral after a concerned citizen found an injured cop on the ground near his apartment. [Continue]

Billiards Mumbai Premier League Debuting

Billiards is one of the more neglected sports in the world. Even though everyone knows what “Pool” is there are very few who have truly experienced what pool has to offer. The majority of people haven’t even bothered to play the game which has resulted in Pool being neglected by nearly every country in the [Continue]

Asian Billiards Won By Sourav Kothari

Sourav Kothari, the National Champion of Billiards in the United States of America just won his first “Asian Billiards Championship”. This marks the first time that Sourav Kothari has entered an Asian Billiard Championship, you are playing against an entire new group of people that he has never gone up against. This means that our [Continue]

Rockaway Billiards Undefeated Champion

Rockaway Billiards is a Tri-State Tournament held by New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These three states will bring the best billiards players from each state in order to compete in this tournament. The winner gains a small cash prize, bragging rights and a plaque that shows them to be the champion. This year Eddie [Continue]