Eating Right

If you are striving to reach your optimum race weight, there is no need to punish yourself and find ways to suffer. The best way is to find a program that you can sustain and stick to it. You don’t have to eat like a bird and in fact, more often, physicians are recommending that you consume enough food that you can still feel energized and satisfied and not continually managing cravings.

optimum race weight

The idea of being satiated is, beyond common sense, a prescription for maintain a program that you can easily embrace while still living your life normally and with a sufficient amount of focus, energy and happiness that you don’t have to overturn your life to adopt it. The concept dictates that you reduce the amount of calories that you take in while still eating enough by employing the strategy of selecting the correct foods that will provide you with the sensation of feeling full.

Foods that bring about a chain reaction of events that tell your brain you are full with have this effect. There are certain foods that trigger a reaction in your stomach and digestive tract that inhibits the speed at which the food is processed. It tells your brain that you have eaten enough so that you do not overindulge. They do take about a quarter of an hour to fully start working, however, so they are not a magic bullet. One must still remain conscious of their eating process and intake food at a deliberate pace.

Having a small appetizer prior to meals will be able to help you in this endeavour if you choose the appropriate foods. Soy or dairy products or foods that contain high element of mono fats will help to activate the feeling of being full and will convince your brain that you can eat less. Nuts are a great way to do this. A handful of cashews, almonds or peanuts half an hour before you eat will have a far greater effect than you think. Other choices might include a small salad using greens such as endive or spinach with a spoonful of olive oil used as dressing. Yogurt or peanut butter will work just as well. Half an hour later when you are ready for your full meal, you will need to eat far less to feel full.

With regard to those choices, try to minimize your calorie intake by replacing carbohydrates with proteins, fruits and vegetables. Reduce your intake of processed sugars and cook your meals in low fat liquids or on their own. Broil, bake, poach and steam instead of frying. Choose low calorie options when you are adding dressings or condiments to your foods. It may be unrealistic to make your own mayonnaise or ketchup but there are low-cal choices that you can use instead.
Hummus is an amazing substitute for mayo and fresh salsa is an excellent variance from ketchup. Wrap your sandwich materials in lettuce or even a whole wheat tortilla, reducing the need for high carb breads. It’s fairly easy to choose low fat proteins over high fat ones such as lean ground beef or skinless chicken. Try to find more variety in your selections so that you feel like you are eating a range of foods – introduce different fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, etc. to give your taste buds a treat. Most importantly, choose fresh foods whenever possible. Processed foods have many hidden enemies that can minimize the satisfaction factor.