Your First Marathon

When preparing for your first marathon a lot of things come to mind of winners such as Wilson Kipsang and that is thinking about the preparation that includes months of training and planning. The race itself is what we are talking about in which you will run the 26.2 miles. Once you managed to follow through with the marathon training it is important to make sure all the other important factors are in order. You do have a control over the positivity of the race day experience as was evident from an article by CNN on Kipsangs record breaking win at the NYC marathon. . If it is at all possible it will benefit you to run one of more of your long preparation runs on the race course itself. This will enable you to find the best route to the race destination, parking availability or even which of the transit station to departure from, and what the actual course is like. Run at least twice over the last part of the course, as this is a very important part of the running course to know. Runners also run segments of the course on different several long runs. Long-Distance Runners need to live by these 4 Mental Tips The line-up position needs to be visualized. If it is your first time, line up at the back. Lining up amongst the front runners will slow down the faster more experienced runners. Prepare yourself to do the first race slowly and enjoy the experience. The sidewalk, if there is one can be used for your walk breaks as these you will have, same as when you trained. longdistantrun The Afternoon Before Refrain from running on the day before the race, taking two days off before the race won’t lose you any conditioning. It the face offers a festivities expo it is advisable that you walk around them, but be careful not to walk for more than two hours. Most races requires runners to collect their race number and chip at the expo on the day before, where other races allows runner to collect their materials on the race day itself. It is important to check on the events website what the requirement is regarding race materials. Loading Up on Carbs for Dinner It is not uncommon for marathons to have a dinner night before. The dinner presents runner a chance to talk with other runners and enjoy an evening together, but don’t eat too much. Many runners have made the mistake to eat lots the night before the race and this is actually counter-productive. It takes up to 36 hours for food to process and become useable within a race. The wrong foods and eating excessively can create a problem. Food bouncing in your gut in the duration of the race is stressful. Keep to your meal plan that worked before the race and replicate the successful routine you have worked on while preparing for the race, it’s important to focus on what have worked for you, up until this big moment. Make Time For Rest and Relaxation It is incredibly important after hours of training and from enduring in events to rest and relax. The balancing act is one that will help you in the long run, both physically as well as mentally. Many will engage is hobbies or go out for nights on the town with friends, whereas others will take time to relax in front on their computer, play video games, or maybe engage in some time gambling. One offering advice in this regard is PokieCasino, a site dedicated to information, knowledge and bonuses that cater to people who enjoy gambling, both occasionally and those more often. You may wish to consider visiting this site after a particularly long run and take a much needed rest.